Elephant Arrival Spot

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Elephant arrival spot is a route to top station. On the way to the top station, you will find a vast expanse of green stem surrounded by lush green hills. There is a common view of the elephants trails and hflight on this pastime, which is precisely called the place of arrival of elephants. It is around twenty kilometers away from Munnar, you can enjoy the biggest mammals – riding a majestic elephant here.

This is a fun place for children as well as enthusiastic adults. Elephants are well-trained and comfortable to ride. Keeping your security check, a Mahaout meets with every elephant, the ride is cheap and very affordable in price but that gives the twice of fun. This attraction is so valuable that no one forget in there entire life.

This is the perfect place that we can say it is the God gifted. I feel that a better sample of nature can not be anything else. So if there is heaven in the world then that is the same.

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